How to create quality content for Instagram.

As you know, the quality of content is very important to be able to get results on Instagram.

It is also true that not all of us can be photographers or have in the team an expert who deals with these aspects.
This is why technology helps us in an important way!
Smartphones today produce high-quality photos and videos. There are plenty of free apps that make it simple edit both photos and videos.
A little creativity and training in using them and the result is really close to professional!
Below you will find a list of Apps to download to modify the better your content or create eye-catching graphics for both yours post that for your stories.


With this application you can edit quickly and efficiently professional your photos. It has several functions that I invite you to discover
following their tutorials. You can create your own filters or use your own some ready. I often use it to change light, saturation, etc
on portions of photos. Very useful if a selfie, for example, has a background bright but your face in the dark. It really does a thousand things in way
quite intuitive.


Available both as an application and from PC. Through this application you can easily add texts on images, there are ready-made templates for both posts and
the stories.  Try it out because it helps you create something graphically, easily corrected. The free version is enough to create something great. For professionals the paid version significantly speeds up the time to create creative videos and post.


A simply great app that shapes posts in the formats that you want, in an instant and recombining the elements in a manner
automatic. Absolutely to have in your smartphone and from use to edit both stories and posts! Very useful for getting ideas
or use ready-made templates to customize! Fantastic!


It allows you to quickly erase the background of a photo and render it transparent. Very useful if you have an image to superimpose on others or
you want to make photo montages.


This app allows you to choose an image as a background and to
superimpose others. For example after using Eraser you can use Photo Layer to mount more objects on the
same picture.


You can edit videos by inserting text, music and using templates pre-configured assembly tools. It is among the easiest apps to use and can
fit for editing videos of different nature. I’ve always used e only the pro version so i don’t know how the basic one works.


With this app you can split a single image into multiple images in so as to post them individually but obtaining a puzzle effect.
For example, you could create a 1:1 image with Canva and split it in 9 posts. Dispassionate advice: Make every post beautiful too
individually and remember that posting like this forces you to always post at least 3 contents one after the other if you want
keep the profile in order


There is a native Instagram application that has a logo almost identical but with the colors of Instagram. Boomerang however allows you to
apply that nice effect only to videos you shoot in that moment. With this app you can apply boomerang effect to
old videos you have in memory.

Applications to edit images and videos are now thousands, and new ones are born every year.
My advice wherever you can is to have them in your team, a person who is dedicated exclusively to the graphic part.
Where you have to do everything yourself you will have to ingenuity using these applications that I have suggested and looking for them on the net
others that solve your specific needs. I want to tell you that if you learned to use Photoshop you could
do everything using only one software getting a product certainly more complex.

Alternative solutions could be:
– produce the photographic or video material and rely on a
freelancer who does your post-production
– learn the basic functions of Photoshop and let you create a
template from a graph
In any case, don’t worry. Using a high-end smartphone quality and getting familiar with these apps you will be able to produce quality material and begin to obtain
great results on Instagram.