Month: April 2021

Fundamental for my daughter to build everything that goes through her head. Now that she is 4 I see that she needs a base to build her beautiful and nice little houses.

A nice game of lego. My daughter is passionate about these games and even if she is only 4 years old a lego game for 6 year old girls like this one can be played very well even by a younger girl and increase the available pieces of your collection.

Here is the next game for my daughter, for those who are passionate about lego games know that the cool joy brand and therefore this game are compatible with other lego games. The price is lower than the average for lego games.


Cort Gui

This is a perfect gift for a guitarist. I think it is among the most beautiful guitars on the market both aesthetically and technically speaking. A must for collectors and for those like me who love Muse from which the guitar is inspired by being a Manson product, the guitars used by Matthew Bellamy to record his songs and also in live shows.

Lego Classic


My daughter is very passionate about lego and the more she grows, the more she can invent and build many things thanks to this box full of lego pieces. I bought this pack about half a year ago and my daughter is playing with it very passionately every day today. I highly recommend it.

We Love Case Cover for Iphone6

I bought this case for my daughter as she uses an iphone6 for pastime and for watching youtube. With this case I am sure the phone will last a long time. It installs very easily and makes the iphone more feminine and like a child’s game.